Monday, 21 February 2011

not easy

keimanan yang turun dan pastinya akan membuatkan hati cukup resah.
'iman itu turun dan naik'
when the heart is not fill with something good..
other will take palace..
just like the glass...
maybe the water or air will be in side it
or maybe...both..
and the water have many flavour..
to find the natural flavour is not easy...
full with obstacles..

Sometime people will said..
Just take care of your heart..
but something that you can see is easier to take care compare that you cannot see..
for sure...
you cannot see when your heart is not in His way..
you cannot see when 'it' running,walking or even crawling...
but maybe the power of IMAN will help you to feel it..
so what can conclude here..
the IMAN must be great and have a very high protection..
but when the IMAN become eroded..
I need something to charge it back..
something must be done..

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